The Project Mayhem Sessions – Episode 041

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What’s up everyone and welcome to episode 41 of the Project Mayhem Sessions. This week’s episode features songs from Disfunktion, Syn Cole and Damien William.

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  1. D Gorobets- Anse Mitan
  2. Digital Militia & StyIVer – Overpower
  3. ME2U – The Road To Freedom
  4. Disfunktion – Our Love Feat. Jade Elliot (Kid Massive Remix)
  5. Syn Cole – Bright Lights
  6. Wiwek – G.M.A.F.B
  7. E-cologyk – Status
  8. Manteeny – UEDC
  9. Damian William – Knightrider
  10. Moiez – What I Need This Time
  11. Max Elto – Shadow of the Sun (Michael Brun Remix)
  12. Eximinds – Poseidon
  13. Richard Grey- What You Say